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100% Renewable Energy Resource Transition in Kutaisi by 2050

Goal of the project was to support Kutaisi City to compose Strategy of Transition to 100% RR by 2050 and raise involvement of Society to it implementing process.


During the project has provided 4 key activities:

  1. Working of Expert on Strategy of Kutaisi City to Transit on 100% RR by 2050 (meeting and consultations with City Hall representatives and local active society).

  2. Round Tables (focus groups). Aim of the activities was raise awareness of representative of City Hall, Media, NGO, other stakeholders about their role in the implementation of Strategy of Transition. Round tables  covered around 100 representatives of  Kutaisi society.

  3. Providing  Camp for 60  young people from the Georgia. Goal of the Camp was to expand team of climate leaders in Georgia and raised involvement in creating positive example of transition. During 5 days participants attended in different team building activities and natural place, raise their awareness about Climate Change issues, activities which different organizations were doing in the field of climate change and fossil fuel free world and establishing positive examples of 100% RR.


 Working of Experts

During the project were provided more than 20 meetings (individual and group levels) with representatives of the Kutaisi City Hall and experts. During the meeting were agreed program and action plan for scenario of transition. By EECCA were formed task for the expert working on the forming of scenario of transition to 100% RR for Kutaisi. Experts formed short and full version of the scenario, which were presented for other experts.

Short description of the scenario: Scenario of Transition consists of several parts: 1. Describe general situation and present different data and researches around wind and solar potential of Kutaisi City; Different scenario for wind, solar and greening transition; as an appendix different suggestion for alternative eco friendly materials for construction.

Scenario of the transition was discussed with the specialist and experts. They expressed their positive altitude toward document and suggested to share it with other citis of the Georgia and important example.  

See appendix: 1 (short version, Georgian Language); 2 (Full version, Georgian Language), photos of the zoom meeting; Task for expert.


Round Tables


During the project were organized different size round tables for the different representatives of local government, civil society organizations and youth. During the round tables were discussed about necessity of the transition and possible alternative solution for stopping climate change process. Besides it by the participants of the round tables were organized more than 100 locals activities in Imereti Region (12 Districts with 800 000 inhabitants): training for peer, landing trees, cleaning area etc.

ECO Camps

In frame of the project proposal were written about one Camp for 30 young people, but organizers could organize three different ECO camps for 60 participants. 1 - Camp for leader of Camps; 2 Two Camps for different aged young people. During the Camp participants got knowledge about climate change issues, Renewable energy and climate activism. During the Camps participants planned Global March in Kutaisi were take part more than 1200 attenders. It was one of the big March in Kutaisi city history on the topic of Climate Change.

Participants of the Camp still stay active and organized different actions independently.

March in Kutaisi

March in Kutaisi gathered more than 1200 people in the city center. All the action were organize by leaders and participants of the Camp. 10% of the Kutaisi City Population (147 000 inhabitants) participated in the March and demonstrate their support to Global Campaign and demand real changes from the government. Main demands of the March was to pay more attention regarding climate change and make important steps to stop it. Also, activists demand from the city hall to accept strategy for transition to 100% Renewable Energy Resource, create City Environment Protection Strategy, which were formed by city government soon after the March.



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